Document submission and free estimate

Please send your document—or several representative pages from it—to my email address and mention the project requirements, timing considerations, and anything else you’d like me to know. I’ll be in touch to discuss your project and give you a free estimate of time and cost based on the document length, level of editing required, and project scope. If you’re not ready to send a document but would like to talk about what you’re working on and how my editorial services can help, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions.

Editing your document

For optimal completion time and communication of proposed changes, submissions should be Microsoft Word documents or Google Docs. I edit with the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word or the Suggesting mode in Google Docs, and I provide instructions to help you efficiently review and implement the edits.

You have two options for how edits are displayed in your document. If you want to review each one, you can choose to have all changes tracked; you’ll see basic corrections (such as grammar, usage, and punctuation) as well as wider proposed changes (edits beyond the sentence level) and queries (issues for your consideration). If instead you want to address only the wider proposals and questions, without considering and implementing each basic edit, you’ll receive a document containing mostly queries; basic edits will be made without tracking. My editing methods and quality are the same for both options; the only difference is the number and level of editorial marks you want to see in your document.

There are also options for the number of manuscript revisions to be made. If you’re able to finalize the editing process after reviewing my changes and queries, then the project is completed after one editing pass. If you rewrite, add, or reorganize any text based on my queries, or make other significant changes, you’re welcome to ask for a second pass, in which I’ll edit all new or revised text to ensure its continuity with the original text. This is considered additional work, although it will take less time than a first pass; an updated quote will be given for any further editing requested.

For your information

I work on a freelance or contract basis and am the sole editor. I’m responsible for copyediting as described on the Editing page, communicating proposed changes and queries to you, and completing any additional tasks we’ve agreed upon. I cannot be responsible for any errors introduced when a client reworks the edited text, so I encourage clients to request further editing passes as needed. I am not responsible for extensive fact-checking or for composing new text beyond the standard scope of copyediting. Submissions must be your own writing; any quoted text should be cited appropriately. Your documents are stored securely during the project; they are later deleted unless you ask for them to be saved for future work. Your contact details and personal information are never shared. I expect no recognition—although I always appreciate referrals—and all aspects of your work and its editorial development are strictly confidential.

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