The purpose of writing is to communicate.

Regardless of what you’re writing, you need a skillful copy editor to review and refine your communication before you release it into the world. As your editor, I will find and resolve all errors, from slight to significant, which could otherwise detract from your work. I’ll correct diction, usage, punctuation, and more to support you in producing compelling, readable prose. Editing allows you to present your best writing to your audience.

I bring to each project many years of experience, specialized study in copyediting, extensive coursework in writing and literature, and skill in balancing precise attention to detail with understanding of the wider narrative. I respect your ideas, research, and voice. Your work is not rewritten; it’s carefully polished.

My editing process ensures:

•  Each word is spelled and used correctly
•  Word choice is precise, meaningful, and suited to the overall tone
•  Punctuation conforms to current writing standards
•  Errors in verb tense, pronoun-antecedent clarity, parallel structure, and subject-verb agreement are corrected
•  Sentences are strong and articulate; paragraphs flow; vagueness and repetition are corrected
•  Any discrepancies or inconsistencies are addressed
•  Elements such as numbering, headings, abbreviations, and citations are consistent throughout the document
•  Manuscript aligns with any writing standards or formatting requirements of style guides such as Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, or those of your publisher or university

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