Recommendations shared by clients

“I never imagined that I would chance to find such an outstanding professional as Jess Romaine. She is a supremely conscientious and thorough reader. Not only did she perform to perfection the traditional copyediting tasks, but she also made formatting adjustments that improved the appearance of pages, offered excellent suggestions for streamlining sentences, and asked perceptive questions about content that helped me refine my thinking and increase the impact of my statements … (read more)
“Having a second pair of eyes on a writing project is crucial to its success—for clarity not only of grammar and structure but also of intent. Jess Romaine successfully provides this second pair of eyes, as she is sensitive to a writer’s voice and able to provide guidance and specific language suggestions to ensure that an idea is succinct … (read more)
“I’m a researcher in the fields of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. I have asked Jess to edit numerous projects including conference abstracts, journal submissions on topics such as AI and crowdsourcing, and various personal projects such as my CV. Each time, her work has enabled me to meet a deadline with a polished document. Jess intuitively understands the big picture as well as the tiny details … (read more)
“I prepared a thesis in partial fulfillment for a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning. As I submitted chapters to Jess Romaine for editing, her suggestions for revision were excellent. Her attention to APA citations, captions, and formatting for university guidelines was indispensable. The turnaround time was excellent and my submission passed library review flawlessly … (read more)
“Jess Romaine edited my summary of a business idea. I needed to condense a lot of information and ideas into just three pages. She asked clarifying questions, made good suggestions related to my use of key definitions, and offered stylistic suggestions as well. Jess held a good balance of being respectful of my work and my style, while at the same time making corrections and giving feedback with the knowledge of an expert … (read more)
“I am a doctoral student at a university classified as Research One, and part of my training involves manuscript development and publishing. As a student I understand the value of a well-edited manuscript; as a scholar I understand the importance of having a dependable editor who is professional, timely, and provides invaluable feedback and recommendations. I am very fortunate to have found Jess as my editor … (read more)
“She edited a massive number of articles, marketing documents, and grant applications; mentored other team members; worked on our newsletter and websites; and was the standard-bearer for the high level of quality for which our publication has become known. Thank you, Jess, for playing a key role in building Science Connected from a fledgling start-up into a healthy and growing nonprofit … (read more)

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