“I am working through my third nursing degree; Jess Romaine’s editing has seen me through education to the graduate level. She has assisted with developing graduate applications and clarifying personal statements. Her mastery of APA style has helped keep up my GPA. Having an excellent editor on your side can help make seemingly impossible projects feasible. I would not have had the confidence to start a masters in nursing program while working full-time without her on my team.

The services Jess offers have had not only academic but also professional impact. While undergoing major career redirection, I utilized her resume services and my completely revamped resume landed me an interview for my current dream job. Never, ever, let an unedited resume go out to potential employers!

Jess has helped me with an array of projects. Working together has increased my understanding of how to more effectively write using an active ‘internal editor’ voice, helping me keep my sentences on point and encouraging strong professional language. I have learned a great deal as a writer from seeing revisions come back and synthesizing those into my writing style.”

Alice E. Teeter
RN Case Manager

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