Editing your document

For optimal completion time and effective communication of proposed changes, submissions should be Microsoft Word documents or Google Docs. I edit with the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word or the Suggesting mode in Google Docs, and I offer instructions for easily reviewing and implementing edits. This process allows you to have the final word on revisions. Certain projects are not possible to submit in these formats, so please ask about sending other types of manuscripts; there are many creative solutions available to us.

Rate, free estimate, document submission

My rate is $35 per hour; all benefits described under Editing are included. Send me your document or sample pages from it, as well as any special requirements for the project, and I will give you a free estimate of timing and cost within one day. I will also discuss with you the appropriate level of editing for your manuscript. Is your due date approaching? I understand! I accommodate rush jobs whenever possible. I am always available to answer your questions before, during, and after the editing process.

For your information

All work is completed on a freelance project basis. I am responsible for copyediting as outlined on the Editing page, as well as any special formatting or additional work agreed upon. I am not responsible for validating your research or conclusions, or composing new text beyond the editing process. Submissions must be your own writing; any quoted text should be cited appropriately. I expect no recognition—although I always appreciate referrals—and you retain sole ownership of your work. Your contact information and your manuscripts are treated confidentially.

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