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Nonfiction works of any length
Articles for print or digital journals
Academic theses and dissertations
Conference submissions and presentations
Nonprofit and small-business materials
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Every writer needs a skillful editor to find and resolve all writing errors, from slight to significant, allowing you to present your best writing to your intended audience. Let my meticulous attention and practiced methods support the clarity, effectiveness, and consistency of your writing (learn more).

I work with college and graduate students, book authors, article writers, nonprofit organizations, print and digital publishers, job seekers, and others who want to invest in the best outcome for their writing. We can work together online from anywhere in the world. I offer responsive, personal service, as well as timely project completion and competitive rates.

Would you rather spend your time and energy on your writing than on researching the intricacies of grammar and punctuation? Are you writing in English as a later-acquired language? Do you need specific publication requirements deciphered or style guides applied? Contact me to connect your writing goals with my editing solutions—and reveal your best writing.

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