Word document formatting

You have the option to add document formatting services to your project. If you are not familiar with all the tools in Word or do not have time to perfect the format, I can help.

These services are available only for a document I’m editing for you. You can request formatting at the beginning or end of the project, and I’ll give you an estimate of the additional time.

Potential formatting tasks:

•  Ensure consistent font size.
•  Set margins, indents, line spacing, headers and footers, and other elements to any specifications.
•  Add automatic page numbering.
•  Replace all blank lines and other blank spacing with proper paragraph formatting to achieve the desired effects (blank spaces created with the enter key or the space bar can cause problems).
•  Insert page breaks and section breaks where appropriate (these should replace blank lines intended to force text into position).
•  Apply specific styles to headings, subtitles, captions, or any element that should be included in a table of contents (styles make an automatic table of contents possible).
•  Create a table of contents that is automatically updated when headings or other listed elements are moved or changed.
•  Find and remove any field codes or hidden text (these are sometimes brought in when a citation or other text from an outside source is copied and pasted); change hyperlinks to regular text (this is usually appropriate).
•  Format entries in reference list (these usually require hanging indents; they should not have any tabs or blank spaces).
•  Ensure that tables, images, or similar elements fit correctly on the page and stay in place; check format and placement of captions.

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