“Jess is an editor par excellence. I forever have her to thank for stepping in at a most inauspicious moment in the completion of my PhD dissertation, when my overwhelmed first editor suddenly quit. I am thankful for that event as I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to work with Jess. I quickly realized that my perceived nightmare situation had more than a silver lining—that my heavily footnoted 360-page dissertation was now in infinitely more capable hands. She competently assessed my needs and planned a course of action with grace, professionalism, expertise, and experience. Incidentally, Jess came to my rescue not once but twice, when I later had to reformat my manuscript into A4 book form on very short notice and working on a European time schedule.

With utmost calm and diligence, Jess dependably supplied the resourcefulness and flexibility I needed to work through numerous problems that had been overlooked by the previous editor. She further showed great initiative by tackling the OSCOLA system of citation and creatively applying the style to obscure international legal and historical documents.

If you are fortunate enough to work with Jess, I recommend her highly, without a doubt, especially for a lengthy and complex project. In fact, as soon as your work allows, plan an assessment of your project with her.”

Sharon Mills
Associated Researcher
Montaigne Centre for Rule of Law and Administration of Justice
Utrecht University, NL

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