“Jess Romaine edited my summary of a business idea. I needed to condense a lot of information and ideas into just three pages. She did an excellent job with the standard copyediting work but also really added value by helping the overall clarity of the pieces. She asked clarifying questions, made good suggestions related to my use of key definitions, and offered stylistic suggestions as well. I felt like I got more than a great copy editor; I also got valuable consultation on creating a clear and professional document.

I’ve been using Word for over 15 years, yet Jess showed me many helpful formatting features to help me squeeze my content into the three pages. She also introduced me to Track Changes, which I had barely ever used. She included a clear and simple document explaining how to use it, so that it was easy and efficient to review her changes and accept or reject them—I accepted the vast majority. So, in the course of our project I learned more about working with documents.

One last thing I would note about my experience is that Jess held a good balance of being respectful of my work and my style, while at the same time making corrections and giving feedback with the knowledge of an expert. Working with her in this way helped me finally finish my project and get a feeling that it was truly complete.”

Abe Kmetovic
Software Consultant
BA European Intellectual History
MA Spiritual Psychology

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