“I am a doctoral student at a university classified as Research One, and part of my training involves manuscript development and publishing. As a student I understand the value of a well-edited manuscript; as a scholar I understand the importance of having a dependable editor who is professional, timely, and provides invaluable feedback and recommendations. I am very fortunate to have found Jess as my editor. She is responsive and thorough. She edited a major manuscript for me, and the level of detail and feedback significantly improved my work. Jess has been extremely patient with me and generous beyond expectation with her time, feedback, and services. I take every opportunity I can to request her services because she is making me a stronger scholar. I have seen my work grow based on her feedback. I will continue to work with Jess, as there is nothing like having an editor you can count on to be responsive and to elevate your work.”

Whitney Sewell
PhD student

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